Monday, October 20, 2008


We have a birds' nest in the roof of our screened porch. Most of the time the birds go outside when they leave the nest, but every once in a while they accidentally take the back exit from the nest, which leads into the porch. Then we have a real trial trying to get the bird out.

Me: Bird, it's time to go outside. Look at the door- it's open.
Bird: Ack! Ack! I'm frantically flying around!
Me: Bird, if you would just calm down I can show you the door.
Bird: I am compelled to fly back and forth and hit the screen with my beak!
Me: You are very silly. You are ruining my screen and you might hurt yourself.
Bird: Look! I'm all worn out! I'm here at the top of the screen, perched on the roof, and panting with my little bird beak!
Me: I guess I will try the feather duster trick to get you out. Stay still. Don't fly off.
Bird: Ack! Ack! Don't come near me! I'm frantically flying around!
(Repeat ad nauseum)

Note: The feather duster trick consists of gently covering the bird with a feather duster or towel. Then the bird can't see and calms down. You then pick it up, through the duster, and carry it outside. It only works if you can catch it.


Amy said...

So funny! Ha Ha Ha!
"Ack! Ack!"
I'm still giggling.

Mika Hinson said...

It's cracking me up imagining that scenario! You are too funny, girl!