Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Did I Mention...

I'm going to NEW YORK!

Joel's got a business trip and for the first time I get to come along! While he works I will be wandering around New York all by myself.

Do you have any tips for me? Any places I should or should not go? Any subway tips?

I'm really looking forward to the trip, and the kids will be glad to see Grandma...


BP said...

Oh boy!! That is so wonderful you get to go along! I went twice in high school with our choir.

Joel said...

Your train will take you in to Grand Central, which is a good place to grab lunch, and the coolest building in the city. Walk up the stairs and watch people on the main floor. Visit the metro museum, it's small but free and in the building. Check out the market, it's amazing.

Times Square should be seen only at night, it is lame during the day, but worth seeing once at night. You can walk there from Grand Central.

MoMa is better than the Met, but both are worth seeing. You can walk to MoMa from Grand Central, but take a taxi or the subway up to the Met.

Top of the Roc (Rocefeller Center) is the best view. It's pricey but worth it. You can walk there from Grand Central.

They don't let you into the New York Stock Exchange because of security concerns, so Wall St is really lame, skip it.

The Village is the best place to get pizza or do random shopping. Get there via the subway.

Central Park is OK, I mean it's a big park so that's nice, but you don't have to go to New York to find a big park.

Angela O. said...

So jealous! (Not really - you deserve a fun trip!) I plan on going there some day . . . you'll have to let me know your favorite places.

Merryheart said...

That's so cool - wish I could come keep you company! We went when you were 1 year old, but you stayed with Uncle Bob & Aunt Carmen.

If you have a day that you can rent a car, you should drive to upstate NY and see where your great-great grandparents lived (and your great grandparents and grandma until she was 2 or something like that).

When are you going?

Mandi said...

New York City is such a fun place to visit! I've been there a couple of times and have seen lots of the touristy things.

If you can swing a performance on Broadway (or off-Broadway), you definitely should. There is a place (TKTS stand in Time Square) where you can get discounted(and sometimes free) tickets the day of the show for seats they haven't sold yet. They also have tickets for some of the TV shows that are recorded there. Jeff got to go the Late Show with David Letterman one time for free.

Battery Park is cool and a great place to see the Statue of Liberty from a distance, which in my opinion is the way to see it, since up close it loses it's iconic appeal.

The view from the Empire Sate building is pretty neat, though the one from Rocafeller Center may be better. I haven't been up there.

The food in Little Italy is fantastic. But, then, there's good food everywhere in the city.

I also love to visit FAO Shwartz toystore, but I haven't been there since Toys R Us bought them, so don't know if it's changed.

Jeff loves the Natural History Museum, but I haven't been there.

Clearly, I could go on and on. It's a wonderful city. I hope you have a great time!