Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hallway Closet Finally Organized

Last night Joel and I were discussing how frustrating some of our closets were. Joel's closet had photos in addition to all his clothes and he really wanted the photos out and the climbing gear in from the garage. I have always been frustrated with the hall closet because it is so big and yet was totally under-utilized.

So we set a budget and I bought some shelves from Target- all of those cubes you see cost $50 in all. I painted two walls with some leftover paint. Then we moved all the photos onto the high shelves that were original to the closet. They are at the top of this photo.

Below the photos are part of the new shelves. We've got kid and adult games, hats, bags, and boots, lock box and Easter storage.

This wall didn't change- still holds all our shoes and there are three hooks- one for mommy, one for Emmy (backpack and coat), and one for Denali.

The exciting thing in this picture is all of the clear floor space.

Here is an odd space that is under the stairs. It's quite a deep shelf and the roof is slanted so it's hard to use well. I've got 4 cubes here now holding sports equipment, umbrellas, swimming gear, and sewing stuff. In front of the cubes are my sewing box and my current sewing project.

Joel's closet is going to be more happy as well! We're excited with the change, and all it took was $50 and an evening.


Kim P. said...

I'm so impressed at your organization projects. Kinda makes me want to go organize something...hmm...

Angela O. said...

looks great! Congrats.

Mika Hinson said...

ME NEXT, please!!!!