Monday, October 06, 2008

Morning Depression

This morning I have not much to look forward to.

I know I am supposed to be focused on God, but I find it hard to do that when my house is messy and I have some small minor emergencies to take care of.

I need a shot in the arm. Do they do God shots?

Maybe that's called the Bible. Maybe I could do that...



Kim P. said...

Mondays are usually hard for me. I think it's that I'm used to having help on the weekends and then Monday rolls around and it's back to just me. I hope you got some quiet time, and yes, reading the Bible is always a good thing. I prayed for your shot in the arm...I hope it came!

Pryncss Briana said...

I totally feel you. I am almost always depressed any morning I wake up to a messy home and minor emergencies! Well, even just the messy home will do it. Praying for you here too, Sarah. :)