Monday, October 13, 2008

No New York After All

Well it turns out there's some sort of economic crisis going on right now... ?

So the business trip that I was tagging along with has been canceled.

So we canceled my ticket too (no free hotel, no free rental car) and put the money towards a future ticket to the Bay Area.

But my house got cleaned and now I get to relax here this week!


Mandi said...

Sorry your trip was cancelled, but glad you are looking forward to a relaxing week at home. Plus, you have a trip home to look forward to.

Mika Hinson said...

Who needs New York? You've got TEXAS! Quit your whinin'! ;)

Seriously, life STINKS sometimes, huh? But I'm sure it's all for a reason...enjoy your week...visit an H.E.B. for me, please! I miss it so!

littlebiggirl said...

That's too bad, but it seems like you've put it into perspective. Enjoy your week!

Angela O. said...

That stinks. At least you'll get to go to the Bay area soon.