Sunday, October 19, 2008

Relaxing Weekend

Just had to take this silhouette picture of Denali. So sweet.

A lego tower that almost reaches the kitchen ceiling, and a pirate pillow.

Amy and her family at the carnival.

Now that I have convinced Denali that he is very handsome in his suit coats, he really enjoys putting outfits together. I was amazed to see this old-school pilot look.

Who could resist this smile?

This morning I called in sick and skipped church. I was well enough to clean my house so that's good. I'm slowly getting better from these allergies and hope to be back in fine form soon. Right now the main thing is I sound really stupid when I talk and I get tired more easily (didn't know that was possible!)

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Angela O. said...

Did you make the pirate pillow? I thought of you this weekend at Make Faire. We came across this booth called It is open source sewing. Check it out.