Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Very Sad Day

Today was the end of an era.

An age of innocence closed.

No longer will we be carefree.

Emlyn and Denali discovered the power windows in the car.

for 6 years I have been the official controller of the windows. They would ask oh so sweetly if I would roll the windows up or down. I made them show me their hands (in the rearview mirror) so they wouldn't get smashed.

There were some people who rode in our car whose children would roll the windows down. I would furtively, grouchily, roll them back up and lock them. And hope that my kids hadn't noticed.

Today on their own they found out that they could control the windows. Now it will be up down up down up down. Things will blow away.

How can something be so bittersweet?


Ruth Ann said...

Just a word of warning...better nip it in the costs about $300 to get it fixed if they ruin the motor with "up, down, up down"...Been there, done that...

BP said...

Oh joy! It is great you went six years though!

We've had the truck one replaced but it wasn't due to the up down up down up game. It just broke and it is expensive!

Angela O. said...


Pryncss Briana said...

Wow, am I grateful for that smart little button in both of our cars called the "window lock". It's annoying for the adult passengers, but saves alot of hassle with the littler ones. :)