Friday, December 19, 2008

Big Basin

Yesterday even though we were pretty tired from flying till all hours of the night, we decided to go to Big Basin and see the redwoods. It's a smaller park for redwood trees but it was a shorter drive than Big Sur, which is THE PLACE to see giant coastal redwood trees.

I looked at Google Maps and got a general idea of where we were going and then we jumped in the car and started depending on the GPS. Bad idea. We made many wrong turns and got delayed. We finally arrived and it was well worth the bad traffic and wrong turns.

Coastal redwoods are enormous. The biggest ones at Big Basin were 66 feet in circumference and 16 feet in diameter. They are so tall (329 feet) and beautiful, and the whole forest smells heavenly. I could have stayed there for days (in fact it would be nice to live in Los Gatos which is right there) but we had to get back on the road after a short hike because one of our party had to be back in Concord for the evening. The kids enjoyed climbing into the trees where previous forest fires had burnt out the bottom of live trees, and I enjoyed the smell and beauty. It was a long day and the kids were tired but I wouldn't mind going back again today. :)

Then I left the kids with my parents and went to stay at Grace's house for the night. We rounded out the evening with a trip to Target.

Oh and Jet Blue wins the prize for great air travel. Yummy snacks, live TV, and so much legroom I didn't know what to do with myself.

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Angela O. said...

I so want to see the redwoods. Glad you are having fun.