Saturday, December 20, 2008

Caroling, Cleaning

Yesterday was lots of caroling. We sang at one nursing home, took a break at church, and then sang at a few more homes. At one point we were at the house of a 93 year old lady who had made cookies and cut up fruit for us. She had beautiful paintings all over her walls that she had painted. She gave all the little kids a toy from her living room. We were to arrive at 6:30, and when we drove up at 6:30 she was already standing on the porch in the cold waiting for us.

We ended the night at another home, this time of a 100 year old lady. She, too, had made lots of cookies and a batch of crockpot hot chocolate. She was very gracious and refused to let anyone clean up for her.

This morning we declared a "rest day," meaning we wouldn't do so much out of the house. I helped my mom tackle the dining room/office where there were some things to be given away and sold. Much of the day was spent craigslisting and cleaning.

Tonight my parents are caroling again and I am at Grace's house with my sisters and my kids. It was so sweet to hug my kids after being away from them all day.

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