Friday, January 23, 2009

CAmping at Camp Eagle

This weekend we are going to Camp Eagle with Eric and Amy and all the kids. I am excited to go, but not really excited to pack. This day will be consumed with getting ready. Thankfully my house is already clean...

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am in the process of making a new quilt for my bed. I've been saving fabric for this for a long time, and some of it is from Papua New Guinea that my brother bought for me. I'm excited to see how it will turn out.

Here's the second stage- I had to lay all of the pieces out on the floor and put them into groups to piece together. It was very beautiful.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Emlyn at 15 Months

When Emlyn was 15 months old she loved to play with the canvas bags I use to put groceries in.

This was often interesting to say the least. One week I was at the grocery store and while bagging I noticed a pair of Joel's underwear sitting on top of the groceries...

Monday, January 12, 2009


This weekend I was able to trim the honeysuckle back so that this year, hopefully, we will get lots of blooms and pretty vines.

On another note, Denali's getting his consonants figured out- he's started using "f" and "v" properly. It's bittersweet. On the one hand I know he needs to grow up and start pronouncing things properly, but on the other hand I will miss his baby voice.

Emlyn is well into a nice big chapter book and enjoying it. She's really close to her next goal.

Emlyn's teacher got some bad news this weekend and I'm sad for her. I need to write her a card but am trying to think of something else I can do for her.

Joel and I are planting a new small group in our church. The one we're in right now has just gotten too big. I'm hoping that the planting goes well and there are no hard feelings.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Count your Small Victories

Today I:
Cleaned out the lunchboxes from the weekend, and things weren't growing yet.
Got Emlyn to school on time, with hair brushed, clothes on, and in a good mood.
Didn't get peed on before taking Emmy to school.
Laughed and smiled with a friend.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Emlyn and a Big Tree

P1020891.JPG, originally uploaded by spiffy_guy.

And here I thought she was growing up. Guess she's still little in comparison to some other things in our world.

Granna Snuggles with Denali

P1040009.JPG, originally uploaded by spiffy_guy.

Denali loves to snuggle and Granna (my mom) was more than willing to let him.

Christmas Morning

P1040025.JPG, originally uploaded by spiffy_guy.

Emlyn was very excited to play with her new laptop on Christmas morning.

Cold in the Snow

P1040065.JPG, originally uploaded by spiffy_guy.

Is it any surprise that the kids were cold after doing this? In sweats?

Monday, January 05, 2009

Snow Angels

P1040070.JPG, originally uploaded by spiffy_guy.

It turns out if you make snow angels while wearing cotton, you get cold. The kids alternately loved and hated the snow in Yosemite because we didn't have snow clothes.

Goodbye to Yosemite

P1040084.JPG, originally uploaded by spiffy_guy.

On our way out of Yosemite it happened to be dusk, where the fog rolls in and the pictures are beautiful. We pulled into a lookout and took some amazing pictures of the sunset and the glory. I cannot imagine how it must have felt long ago to just happen upon a place of such beauty. What an entrance.

Now THIS is a Tree

P1020865.JPG, originally uploaded by spiffy_guy.

I cannot tell you how restful it was to my heart to see huge redwoods on our trip to California. They are so majestic and peaceful. Our walk through Big Basin was fun for the kids and my family too.

A Walk

The other morning I was able to go on a walk all by myself. Joel took the kids to Enchanted Rock, and I was driving near downtown. I saw a little path I've never walked on yet always looked at, so I parked the car and put on my new sandals and took a look. It was the Shoal Creek Hike and Bike Trail. I started off well, with my cell phone and iPod, and a lot of energy. I was at 24th street to begin, and along there it's wooded and in a park. After about a mile the path starts to wind through the downtown of Austin. I went under a few overpasses, with the creek right beside me, through the woods along the side of the creek. I saw a lot of trash, which really surprised me because Austin is usually really careful about its water sources. I know that it is winter, and the creek is low, which emphasizes the problem, but it wasn't exactly picturesque. For a while I was winding along, following the path.

At one point I passed a little house, with lots of kids' toys in the backyard, and two vehicles parked. It looked like a cute little suburban house, but it was downtown! Beside two parking garages and multiple office buildings. It looked really odd, even though I knew that the city had grown up and changed around it.

I kept walking and at one point the sidewalk just disappeared. I was afraid I would have to go up to street level, and I didn't know exactly how close I was to Lake Lady Bird because the creek didn't go in a straight line. As I looked around though I realized that the path actually crossed the creek on some large rocks, so I went ahead and crossed it. After another water crossing I was very near the Lake and the path started to fill up with other hikers and became more clean. Finally I reached the Lake and sat down for a few minutes to rest. I would have loved to walk around it too, but I knew that it was a long walk, and surprisingly though I had felt lonely on the walk down to there, once I was there with all the other 5 million people who travel around Lake Lady Bird on the weekends I really wanted to be back by myself.

Unfortunately I ended up behind a group of about 15 hikers. That wouldn't have been too bad because I could have outpaced them except for the problem that my shoes began to give me. Remember this was the first time I had worn them and I was getting into my third mile. Let's just say the last two miles of the 3.7 mile hike were a little painful. I have two blisters to prove it.

Overall though it was a lovely way to reconnect with God and nature and myself. I think in the future I will probably bike it though, so I can go around the Lake also.

Friday, January 02, 2009

What Time is It?

After two weeks in a time zone two hours away, and then New Years', where we let our kids stay up till midnight, my kids' bodies really have no idea what time it is. They are sleeping in about an hour in the mornings and staying up about two hours late. I am really thankful that school doesn't start until next Tuesday. I am actually going to bed at 10 and getting up at 8. I like that sleep pattern. :)