Monday, January 12, 2009


This weekend I was able to trim the honeysuckle back so that this year, hopefully, we will get lots of blooms and pretty vines.

On another note, Denali's getting his consonants figured out- he's started using "f" and "v" properly. It's bittersweet. On the one hand I know he needs to grow up and start pronouncing things properly, but on the other hand I will miss his baby voice.

Emlyn is well into a nice big chapter book and enjoying it. She's really close to her next goal.

Emlyn's teacher got some bad news this weekend and I'm sad for her. I need to write her a card but am trying to think of something else I can do for her.

Joel and I are planting a new small group in our church. The one we're in right now has just gotten too big. I'm hoping that the planting goes well and there are no hard feelings.


Angela O. said...

I didn't know you are supposed to trim honeysuckle. Must be why I didn't get many blooms last year. Thanks for the info!

Hope everything goes well with Em's teacher and your new small group!

Mika Hinson said...

It is sad when their baby voices go bye-bye. :(

bp said...

How great that Emlyn is reading chapter books! Is she a reader like her Momma? Do they do AR at school?