Monday, January 05, 2009

A Walk

The other morning I was able to go on a walk all by myself. Joel took the kids to Enchanted Rock, and I was driving near downtown. I saw a little path I've never walked on yet always looked at, so I parked the car and put on my new sandals and took a look. It was the Shoal Creek Hike and Bike Trail. I started off well, with my cell phone and iPod, and a lot of energy. I was at 24th street to begin, and along there it's wooded and in a park. After about a mile the path starts to wind through the downtown of Austin. I went under a few overpasses, with the creek right beside me, through the woods along the side of the creek. I saw a lot of trash, which really surprised me because Austin is usually really careful about its water sources. I know that it is winter, and the creek is low, which emphasizes the problem, but it wasn't exactly picturesque. For a while I was winding along, following the path.

At one point I passed a little house, with lots of kids' toys in the backyard, and two vehicles parked. It looked like a cute little suburban house, but it was downtown! Beside two parking garages and multiple office buildings. It looked really odd, even though I knew that the city had grown up and changed around it.

I kept walking and at one point the sidewalk just disappeared. I was afraid I would have to go up to street level, and I didn't know exactly how close I was to Lake Lady Bird because the creek didn't go in a straight line. As I looked around though I realized that the path actually crossed the creek on some large rocks, so I went ahead and crossed it. After another water crossing I was very near the Lake and the path started to fill up with other hikers and became more clean. Finally I reached the Lake and sat down for a few minutes to rest. I would have loved to walk around it too, but I knew that it was a long walk, and surprisingly though I had felt lonely on the walk down to there, once I was there with all the other 5 million people who travel around Lake Lady Bird on the weekends I really wanted to be back by myself.

Unfortunately I ended up behind a group of about 15 hikers. That wouldn't have been too bad because I could have outpaced them except for the problem that my shoes began to give me. Remember this was the first time I had worn them and I was getting into my third mile. Let's just say the last two miles of the 3.7 mile hike were a little painful. I have two blisters to prove it.

Overall though it was a lovely way to reconnect with God and nature and myself. I think in the future I will probably bike it though, so I can go around the Lake also.

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