Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pet Worm Care

Emlyn has had a pet worm for about a year now. Turns out pet worms are very easy to care for, even for a 6 year old. You put the worm (found in the backyard) in some dirt in a plastic box, with holes cut in the lid. Every once in a while (like every 3 mos) you add a little water and a little plant matter.

Our worm actually had babies! Evidently worms lay the babies in the compacted dirt at the bottom of the box and make a bunch of itty bitty worms. It's all very cute.

I highly recommend them. They are very resilient. The scientific way Emlyn looks for her "Wormy" is by shaking the box and the dirt around until she finds it.


bp said...

Sounds like a great pet to me!!

Angela O. said...

oh wow! What a neat pet. We will look into that.