Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today I:
hauled and placed about 35 of the limestone blocks (35-50 pounds apiece)
pickaxed a line about 10 feet long
cleaned and reorganized the garage
helped Joel dig holes and plant two trees (fig and cedar elm)
carried and emptied 4 bags mulch
put all the tools away
moved the old bricks to the garage
raked leaves
completely ignored the kids (well mostly)
did I mention I cleaned and reorganized the garage? Of course I forgot to take before pictures. I am not in the habit of doing that yet.

I am not sore except a little in my lower back. I am VERY exhausted though.

We are really close to being done with all of our goals for the garden this year and ready to just do maintenance.

1 comment:

Angela O. said...

I'm feeling quite lazy now . . .
I'm glad you have got the garden almost done. I'm looking forward to photos of all the vegetables.