Tuesday, March 03, 2009

All I Need: Fasting Part 2

Here's the handout for my lesson. You might want to read the below post before this one.

All I Need: Fasting
Sarah Schopp
March 4, 2009

Matthew 6:16-18 (New International Version)

Psalm 35:13 (New International Version)

Zechariah 7:4-6 (New International Version)

Matthew 12:43-45 (New International Version)

Colossians 2:16-23 (New International Version)

From Nave's Topical Bible: Fasting

  1. Observed on occasions of public calamities (2 Samuel 1:12)
  2. Afflictions (Psalms 35:13; Daniel 6:18)
  3. Private afflictions (2 Samuel 12:16)
  4. Approaching danger (Esther 4:16)
  5. Ordination of ministers (Acts 13:3;14:23)
  6. Accompanied by prayer (Daniel 9:3)
  7. Confession of sin (1 Samuel 7:6; Nehemiah 9:1,2)
  8. Humiliation (Deuteronomy 9:18; Nehemiah 9:1)
  9. UNCLASSIFIED SCRIPTURES RELATING TO(Ezra 8:21-23; Psalms 35:13;69:10; Isaiah 58:3-7; Jeremiah 14:)
  10. During forty days » Moses (Deuteronomy 9:9,18)
  11. During forty days » Jesus (Matthew 4:1,2; Mark 1:12,13; Luke 4:1,2)
  12. Habitual » By John's disciples (Matthew 9:14)
  13. Habitual » By Anna (Luke 2:37)
  14. Habitual » By Pharisees (Matthew 9:14; Mark 2:18; Luke 18:12)
  15. Habitual » By Cornelius (Acts 10:30)
  16. Habitual » By Paul (2 Corinthians 6:5;11:27)
  17. In times of bereavement » Of the people of Jabesh-gilead, for Saul and his sons(1 Samuel 31:13; 1 Chronicles 10:12)
  18. In times of bereavement » Of David, at the time of Saul's death (2 Samuel 1:12)
  19. In times of bereavement » Of Abner's death (2 Samuel 3:35)
  20. INSTANCES OF » In the conflict between the other tribes with the tribe of Benjamin, on account of the wrong suffered by a Levite's concubine(Judges 20:26)
  21. INSTANCES OF » When they went to Mizpeh for the ark of the covenant (1 Samuel 7:6)
  22. INSTANCES OF » Upon the death of Saul (2 Samuel 1:12)
  23. INSTANCES OF » During the sickness of the child born to him by Bath-sheba(2 Samuel 12:16-22)
  24. INSTANCES OF » While interceding in prayer for his friends (Psalms 35:13)
  25. INSTANCES OF » In his zeal for Zion (Psalms 69:10)
  26. INSTANCES OF » In prayer for himself and his adversaries (Psalms 109:4,24)
  27. INSTANCES OF » Of Ahab, when Elijah prophesied the destruction of himself and his house(1 Kings 21:27; with20:29)
  28. INSTANCES OF » Of Jehoshaphat, at the time of the invasion of the confederated armies of the Canaanites and Syrians(2 Chronicles 20:3)
  29. INSTANCES OF » Of Ezra, on account of the idolatrous marriages of the Jews(Ezra 10:6)
  30. INSTANCES OF » Of Nehemiah, on account of the desolation of Jerusalem and the temple (Nehemiah 1:4)
  31. INSTANCES OF » Of the Jews, when Jeremiah prophesied against Judea and Jerusalem(Jeremiah 36:9)
  32. INSTANCES OF » In Babylon, with prayer for divine deliverance and guidance(Ezra 8:21,23)
  33. INSTANCES OF » Of Darius, when he put Daniel in the lions' den (Daniel 6:18)
  34. INSTANCES OF » On account of the captivity of the people, with prayer for their deliverance (Daniel 9:3)
  35. INSTANCES OF » At the time of his vision (Daniel 10:1-3)
  36. INSTANCES OF » Ninevites, when Jonah preached to them (Jonah 3:5-10)
  37. INSTANCES OF » By Paul, at the time of his conversion (Acts 9:9)
  38. INSTANCES OF » Of the disciples, at the time of the consecration of Barnabas and Saul(Acts 13:2,3)
  39. INSTANCES OF » Of the consecration of the elders (Acts 14:23)
  40. Prolonged » For three weeks, by Daniel (Daniel 10:2,3)
  41. Prolonged » For forty days, by Moses (Exodus 24:18;34:28; Deuteronomy 9:9,18)
  42. Prolonged » Elijah (1 Kings 19:8)
  43. Prolonged » Jesus (Matthew 4:2)

What can you fast from?
food, drink, choice meat, wine, chocolate, starbucks, media, TV, computer, books, shopping for fun,

Songs by Sara Groves
Lyrics to All I Need :
Newly married, new apartment/ All our furniture was saved from the dump/ Yes dear maybe we can afford a trashcan next month/ All I need is my love for you and a seat for two/ New baby new life/ We will teach him to speak French/ We’ve got no money so we’ll make it all ourselves/ I’ll make the curtains and you make the shelves/ All I need is a power saw and a new sewing machine/ Honey, this house needs a little something/ That bare mantel doesn’t look so good/ Someone told me of a man/ Who makes animals from driftwood/ All I need is your monthly bonus for a wooden walrus/ Honey, the Colbaughs are coming over/ This house needs some renovations/ Just a wall or two, just a little room / And a few new decorations/ All I need is a sectional and a satellite TV/ and dark-wood cabinets that were custom built for me/ and a painting by that guy that paints with his feet.../ That’s all I need/ For now
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Lyrics to The Word :
I've done every devotional / Been every place emotional /Trying to hear a new word from God /And I think it's very odd /That while I attempt to help myself /My Bible sits upon my shelf /With every promise I could ever need /CHORUS: /And the Word was /And the Word is /And the Word will be /People are getting fit for truth /Like they're buying a new tailored suit /Does it fit across the shoulders /Does it fade when it get older /We throw ideas that aren't in style /In the Salvation Army pile /And search for something more to meet our needs /CHORUS /I think it's time I rediscover/All the ground that I have covered, /Like seek ye first what a verse /We are pressed but not crushed /Perplexed but don't despair /We are persecuted but not abandoned /We are no longer slaves /We are daughters and sons /And when we are weak we are very strong /And neither death nor life nor present /Nor future nor depth nor height /Can keep us from the love of Christ /And the Word I need is the Word that was /Who put on flesh to dwell with us /In the beginning
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Pryncss Briana said...

I liked your lesson. I was raised Catholic and the whole church would fast for Lent, some from meat, some from food in it's entirety. It was all quite known, and public, not in secret. That's how I thought fasting was supposed to be. I have not read the Bible all the way through, it's something I have been working on for years. Not just reading it to read it, but to know it. Lessons that show where in the Bible it says something, and then supporting passages from other books in the Bible really help a newb like me. Thank you!

Pryncss Briana said...

Oh, on a side note, I have read through Deutoronomy before, and have always wondered ... did Moses eat when he came down from the mountain, or did he come down from fasting, and then go right back to fasting? Like a whole 80 days of fasting? or are we assuming he ate and drank while making his way down to the people ... ?