Monday, March 16, 2009


Imagine my surprise when after an excruciating day of packing and cleaning, errands and tire pressure checking, driving and Denali wheezing, traffic jam finding and iPod malfunctioning, I was able to pull in to a lovely inn in McAlester OK. I had asked Joel to research and find me a place once I knew I would not make it all the way to Fayetteville, and I have to say he did a perfect job. I initially balked at the $116 pricetag but it was worth every penny. EVERY penny I tell you. Thank you Joel and thank you AmericInn. You are the AlamoDrafthouse of hotel chains.


Angela O. said...

Yeah, that's a long time. I'm pretty sure McAlester is where my dad stops on his route to my bro's in F'ville.

Joel said...

Just be thankful the mildew and stained carpet Inn didn't have a vacancy. With the saved money I could have gotten a new hammer drill.

Guess I love you more than a hammer drill.

Kim P. said...

We almost stopped once in McAlester on our way home from Tulsa, but then Joe started dreaming of what all he could do with that money. Instead we stopped for a nice dinner and Joe drove all the rest of the way home and I slept for part of it. I was happy with the outcome. Glad you took a rest!