Friday, June 26, 2009

Thing 6

Today I got to look at some fun mashups off of Flickr. One of my favorites is called retrievr, where you make a basic sketch and the application searches flickr photos for pictures that are reminiscent of the sketch. I love the way it makes me think about perspective. To me what I drew was a blue squiggly line. To the "eyes" of the application it was something else entirely. Kids would enjoy seeing their art and perspective being interpreted by a program.

Another stunning one I explored was called mosaic maker. I told the application how big I wanted the mosaic, and then entered the tag terms "blue nature". The results I got were fantastic. One could also use pictures from your classroom to post on the bulletin board.

I have used mashups in the past, like the one that shows what sea level rise would look like interposed on the google maps. They are a great tool for using other people's findings to make your own interpretations.

Have you ever used mashups? What is your favorite?

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VWB said...

I regularly use many of the features in Big Huge Labs and Image Chef...the mosaic is one particular favorite.
But several things in Dumpr are my current favorites..just for the fun of it....the one that squishes things and the one that turns everything into a ball are fun...I have used both to demonstrate how vocabulary can be practiced and even context clues in trying to determine what the original picture was!