Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thing 9

Today I looked at various sites that helped me find new blogs to read.

The easiest search tool I used was probably bloglines, although because of the search term I used (ESL teacher) I did not get many results at all on any of the sites.

I didn't like syndic8 at all- it looked like a message board place and i don't do those very often. For me it was too hard to get to the actual data.

A fun site I found was Awful Library Books, which is posted by librarians going through their collections and getting rid of obsolete books. I also found a few good resources for ESL teachers.


VWB said...

o my goodness I recognized way too many of those titles...but of course I have been working with (or using) library books since the mid-1970s.

I just went to the catalog and can happily report the first few are no longer there... I will make sure any others I recornize are not either with a little more time!

linseyc said...

Awful Library Books is pretty funny! Our librarian has been doing some major clean-up and I know she could add many titles! Great find!