Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Thing 12

This post is all about commenting. The first thing I read was from Drape's Takes.

This made me think about my commenting "policy." Currently on blogger I don't respond to each comment, mainly because blogger makes it so difficult for people to receive your comments from the blog. You have to actively select each conversation that you want to receive notification on, and then go back to the blog to check it. So if I leave a question on bob's blog, I have to actively return to his blog to see his answer. I just don't have time for that. I used to, back in the day when I only read a few blogs, go back and check everyone's, but that got old fairly quickly. My new policy, such as it is, is to respond personally via email if I know the person's email, or if the comment is something I really feel needs to be responded to publicly, I will do that.

I do read every comment and appreciate them greatly. But since my blog is such a small one, and mostly for my friends, I feel that I interact with people in other ways as well.

What do you think about this? Am I stifling discussion by not responding? Do you want me to respond to your comments?

Another post I read was about aliases vs. real names. I usually post on blogger with the name Sarah, but on wordpress (which remembers my fields) I use Sarah S. Chicken. There really aren't that many Sarah S Chickens in the world, so I use it to be unique. Since blogger links to my blog from my comment I am confident people know who I am. I also have an avatar on blogger.

Since I've been blogging for so long, I am comfortable with the number of comments I get. It's somewhat about community for me but also just a way to remember what I've been thinking. I'm on Facebook now, not to mention all the people I interact with in real life, so overall I just view this as part of a whole big section of my life. I comment on others' blogs once in a while, if something is really important to me, but I don't comment on everything anymore. One thought is that this really is a discussion community. Am I just jaded from doing this so long? Or is it like any other fad, where people are really enthusiastic for a while and then they go on with life?

I don't know. I guess my priorities have changed. I hope that others know that I do read their blogs even though their stat counters may not show it, and even though I don't comment. Maybe I should be commenting more.

One of the techniques I use from 10 Techniques to get more comments is to make it easy to comment. I used to use word verification but as I got tired of using it on others' blogs I took it off mine too. I really don't receive any spam or mean comments. Of course that's probably also because I don't have very many readers at all anymore :)

The last post I read was how to comment like a king or queen. I didn't get much out of this one except the idea that some people do need to be taught how to comment. I think I've been doing this for so long that I forgot that some people don't know how. I would say "being nice" is an important thing. Some commenters use blogs as a way to hide and state things they wouldn't in real life.

What do you think about this? Am I stifling discussion by not responding? Do you want me to respond to your comments?


VWB said...

I don't worry too much about comments...I know I have lots of lurkers and that is ok. I do try to share when training that comments are appreciated by most bloggers becasue they really want it to be a discussion. I guess I get enough discussion f2f that I am ok with the lack of comments.

What I do enjoy is seeing WHERE people are who read my blog...Feedjt...it blows my mind!

Vicki A. Davis said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog as part of your exploration of the 23 things! 23 things is such a great, transformational program. Yes, it seems that commenting should be easy - however, commenting well is one of the main things that has helped my own blog grow. It is being unselfish to give meaningful content even when no one in the world will know.

It is a huge compliment for people to take the time to reflect and share with a person about what they have written. In some ways, in the past year and half, commenting in some ways has been replaced by twittering and many of us are adding tweet replies to our comment thread using tools like Disqus - this has been one thing that has been a bit challenging as in some ways the conversations are a bit more shallow and not quite as in depth as it would be nice to have.

Personally, I appreciate when people take time to push my thinking and comment, or at least when they blog to share backlinks as well. I have the commenting post on my list to revise and am going to include some things on twitter and commenting - think it is time to revise a bit!

Thank you for stopping by, it is always an honor to be read and included!