Monday, July 13, 2009

Thing 13

Wow! Social bookmarking is a whole new world for me. I had heard of delicious and digg, but didn't ever understand what all was going on there. I love the idea of saving my bookmarks so I can access them any time, but I didn't realize about the social aspect.

I think it's neat that I can go look for a tag such as "organize", and see what other people have tagged with the same tag. This has great potential for teachers looking for good teaching sites, or for teachers in the same school to pool their common resources.

I'd like to look around some more and see if there's a way to share certain tags with certain people, or if it's an all-or-nothing type of deal.

I imported all my bookmarks from my browser and had more than I thought. Turns out I usually bookmark things and then never think about them again because the browser bookmark tool isn't very good. It will take me a while to sort through and properly tag all 100 of my bookmarks.

If you want to see my bookmarks on delicious, visit my page through this link.

1 comment:

VWB said...

24/7 access to bookmarks..wortha little set up time!
the tagging is pretty personal...whatever works for you in getting things found