Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thing 14

Side note: this is my 900th post! Pretty exciting!

Technorati is something I've heard about but never used myself. When I searched for School Library Learning 2.0 I got some surprising results. I think I was supposed to use quotation marks because the blog posts results were mostly just about education in general and not this program I'm involved in. Once I searched in tags however I found some that looked familiar. I couldn't figure out how to search the blog directory, only browsing it through the topic headings.

I was surprised that "olympics" was in the top 15 searches, since it's not an olympic year. Most of the other popular ones were not too surprising, mostly celebrity stuff which is not really my gig.

I can totally see using technorati as another tool to find blog posts on topics that interest me. I plan to take a little more time to publish info about my blogs and see who else has tagged their blogs in similar ways.

The more I learn about tagging the more I realize that it is just another way of organizing info. Different people categorize things in different ways, so it's nice to be able to personally choose my categories. I also like the fact that the more people tag something, the more info the computer has to make generalizations about people.

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bp said...

Good job on all the "things." It amazes me to find all these new sites. I have told my Mom and JMP before I'm not sure I would know how to be a teacher now with all the new technology they use now compared to when I was there just a few years ago!!