Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Thing 15

I know I'm going out of order but my computer won't watch videos today so I'm limited to those that don't require video.

One point made in this article that really hit me was that libraries really need to continue to grow and change. I still use our local library pretty extensively, mostly because they've made some awesome upgrades that I really appreciate. When I hear about a book I want to read I can immediately go to my library's website, search for it, and request it to be sent to the branch closest to my house. They email me when it arrives, they email me when my books are almost due, and they email me when my books are overdue. I think that's great.

I take my kids to the library but sometimes it's more like "what one could do" rather than "what we need to do". I can see in the near future when they will read me out of house and home but we're not quite there yet.

Another post I read talked about the frustration in talking or thinking about education reform, and how in his mind the important piece of the puzzle is assessment. Almost every teacher I talk to right now is tired. They are tired of the endless assessment. They are tired of not being able to use their creativity.

I liken it to a pendulum. I feel that right now we are at the very top of a pendulum swing with assessment. I do not see how it could possibly get any more intense for teachers, and I really hope it starts to swing in the other direction soon.

There were a lot of good discussions about how to take education and change it to follow the times.


VWB said...

I share your hope! As I enter my 35th year, I do hope we are at the top of assessment and we can begin to swing back towards learning for something other than a test. I hope I am around long enough to see this change.

littlebiggirl said...

In addition to the assessment bonanza, education is also facing this mindset of one HAS to teach the textbook ONLY (at least in California this is true). The idea is using the textbook is the only way to teach the standards. Also, there is a huge push right now towards common assessments and teacher calendars. I feel very stifled as a teacher and very limited. In fact, I really hate teaching English right now, which breaks my heart.