Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thing 16

Turns out wikipedia is not the only collaborative website tool out there. I learned all about "wikis" and how teachers can use them in the classroom. I would definitely use it as a tool for my classroom as well as my personal life. One way I can see a good use for it would be for pooling physical resources between a team of teachers or a team of students. Everyone would add to the document the things they are bringing to the table, and over the course of a few days an exhaustive list would be made.

I also like the idea of having students use this resource as a way to do a collaborative project. Rather than writing it all down on paper, the students would do their research and write it all together, and edit it online.

I already made a wiki page for a camping trip we went on this weekend. I shared it with my husband and the family we were going with. We were able to use it as a way to know who was bringing what.

I used pbworks.com as my wiki site.

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