Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Thing 18

I have used both OpenOffice and Google Docs for quite some time. They are both open platforms for word processing as alternatives to Microsoft Office. For a long time I preferred OpenOffice, because the program emulates Microsoft Office so well. You can basically do anything you used to do in Microsoft Office. They are so similar that you hardly have to do any learning of new processes.

The only problem is that since we use a mac we have to have another program to run OpenOffice, and that program has not been working on our computer for a while. Joel does a great job at keeping our home computers working but we never seem to communicate properly about OpenOffice so we've not gotten that fixed.

So currently I use Google Docs. It's fabulous. It is so much better than mac's version of word processing, and the best part is that if you have the internet, you have your documents. You can keep them private or share them with others.

Since we are on a mac I cannot even tell you how long it's been since I used Microsoft Office.

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