Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thing 20

YouTube and TeacherTube are two resources we can use to find videos on the internet. YouTube is often blocked by school filters, so TeacherTube was created to fill that gap and also to focus the videos more.

I saw an interesting video on YouTube about Educational Technology and what we are to be teaching our students. It was very thought-provoking. I also found Mr. Bean in the Library which was hilarious, and a commercial about a blonde entering a library (which was a blonde joke in video form).

These two websites are very helpful for times when it would be good to have an educational video available, and when one doesn't have time to produce one. I love to see how many people see life and produce art. I can easily see using many of these in the classroom.

Here's the educational reform video:

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littlebiggirl said...

Thank you for sharing about TeacherTube. Perhaps I should have known about it, but I did not.

Great resource!