Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Short Note from Orion's Daddy

I got this email recently from Orion's Daddy, Ben. They have received some good news from the doctor. See below.

here is the latest for orion
he has had his 25th radiation treatment the radiation dr and his oncologist have decided to continue for 5 more treatments
the R dr believes the tumor to be benign and has no significant changes but feels the radiation may be working for a few months after treatment
he has also said he saw on cctv in china a surgion remove successfully a brain stem tumor and he suggests looking into it further
he also said to look at a hospital for sick kids in toronto which is one of the top ten in the world again he is a radiation dr not a surgion but its worth looking into still.
so once the treatments are done and we can ease him off of the steroid we possably can come home
thank you all for the prayers
please pass this far and wide


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