Friday, November 06, 2009

Denali wears a toga

My four year old son has a really bad rash on his nether regions. Since he can't wear dresses I thought of a way to help him air his rash comfortably and modestly. I took a soft crib blanket, put the middle of the long side at the middle of his back, wrapped both ends under his arms, crossed the ends in the front and took a hair band to keep the ends closed at the back of his neck. To make it a "boy" idea I called it a Veggietales (the blanket was Veggietales) toga. He happily wore it for an hour, until it was time to change into real clothes.

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Emily said...

Motherhood is so good for developing our innovation skills! We'd make great CEOs by the time they're out of the house if we weren't so tired of tantrums. :D