Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I was gently reminded by a friend today that I do not have to be great at everything or even pursue all the activities that seem fun or interesting. I was initially offended because of course I am good at everything! Hello? Does she not know me?

Then I started to think that it is pretty presumptuous of me to think I can master everything. Or that if I just "give it a go" my results will be as good as someone who has a God-given gift in that area. I will still be pursuing it, but with a more humble attitude.

I also needed my pride to be taken down a bit. I have been guilty of being very prideful about a couple of things in the last few days, and I made some mean comments to someone else.

The strengths I have came from God. The weaknesses are areas where God's light can shine through. It's okay if I am not good at, say, housework. There are other areas where I am awesome. Right? :)

That being said, I will still endeavor to clean my house. I just will never master it like others that I know.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry christmas!

My brain is too fried to post anything original today, but I wanted to share some writings I think are great.

First we have Amy, who wrote about marriage. It IS hard, and I applaud her for being honest.

Here's her post.

Then I wanted to share something funny- it's from "Stuff White People Like," a satire site.

This one is about camping, and enough of it is true to make it pretty funny.

The next one is a post by my friend Emily. I have recently realized that the "thinking" or "processing" I do about things is actually worrying sometimes. Mulling something over and rehashing events in my head that I cannot change is worry, and I would prefer to stop doing it.

Lastly I wanted to share a link to making an awesome snowflake. I like to make 2-D snowflakes but had never thought about 3-D. We will be doing this next week.

I am so glad Christmas break will be here in 2.5 hours. This fall has been a bear of a school semester for my daughter and we desperately need the break. Have a happy Christmas!