Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Song for Orion

Today is the three month anniversary of Orion's passing. I know that Ben and Sondra and the rest of our family still covet your prayers. In my house things are starting to get back to a "new" normal. Denali and Emmy talk about how they miss Orion.

I wanted to share a song with you that our friend/fellow ACU alum wrote about 10 years ago. It's called "God, Please Take Care of My Baby." You can find Zane Williams at his website. I asked for his permission to post the mp3 file on my blog of this song.

Here's a link to the song.

Or maybe this will work


bp said...

Such a nice song.

Mandi said...

That's a really sweet song.

Merryheart said...

It even applies to grown "babies" - as a mom of 4 adults now, I definitely need to trust God to look out for them because "my time" of active, daily mothering is finished.