Saturday, March 06, 2010

first feis report

today i competed in my first feis. a feis is an irish dance and music competition. i danced the light jig, the single jig, and the reel.

i drove up to dallas and stayed with my aunt and uncle and my aunt ivy came to the competition with me for moral support, it was really nice to have her there rooting for me.

i had borrowed a lovely blue dress from another dancer so that was a great dress to dance in. i arrived about two hours early to see other dancers and to make sure to be there on time. in retrospect it was probably good to get there early but i should have found something productive to do. sitting around was not good. i was very very nervous and even though i warmed up i probably did not run through my dances enough times.

the first dance is always the reel. i was the only one in my class of competition for all three dancers so that took some of the pressure off. i was completely unprepared for the music. i had been listening to prior dances and thought i could follow a fiddler rather than an accordion which we usually practice to but either that or nerves made me completely unable to count in the music. the judge counted me in to start me off at least four times and i just could not hear the time. this is very unusual for me since i am a musician. finally i just bowed and went off.

i had just a few minutes wait before my second dance, the light jig. i love light jig, it's the first dance i learned well, and it just seems to speak to me, so i gave myself a good peptalk and jumped out there. it went great. i heard the time perfectly, i danced both steps and was able to finish the dance in style. i felt much much better about this one and felt like i redeemed myself for the judge.

then i had a long wait for the single jig, which was not great because i lost some momentum and started worrying again because the single jig starts the same as the reel and i was concerned i wouldn't be able to hear it either. i got through the first step great and the first part of the second step but lost my concentration and flubbed a bit.

overall i was very happy with my favorite dance and bummed about the others but it was a good experience. there was a lot of waiting which i didn't expect and i missed the best dancers while waiting for my turn because of the way they timed things. in the future i hope to improve my dances more and really to be more calm. i was a complete wreck the entire day and that is wearisome. it was nice to hang out with one of my friends from the school and pretend to be something other than a mom for a while. it was also fun to hang out with my aunt. i wish my teacher had been able to watch me dance the light jig but was glad she missed the other two dances. :)

the judge left pretty much the comments i expected. she liked my carriage and "tech work", which is good because it means i have the basic stuff and can start to carry that into other dances and learn more and more difficult steps. so thats great.

sorry i wrote all in lowercase i'm typing on a netbook with tiny keys. i am looking forward to the next feis i participate in, whether it be in a month or in a few months. i have never loved an activity like i love dancing. i am so glad i discovered it.


Emily said...

I am so happy for you! How awesome to find something you love so much! I know the Lord delights in your dancing!

littlebiggirl said...

That is so cool! I love that you have found a hobby you enjoy so much. It gives me hope that one day I will too. :)

Kathy said...

I am so glad that you have found another creative outlet for yourself and that you have a non-Mommy activity. But, where are the pictures? We want pictures!

Treehouse-Dweller said...

Aww, that's awesome! And, yes, where are the pictures?! ;)