Thursday, March 11, 2010

Irish Dancing Update

Most of you have asked when the next competition is so you can come, or when my group will be performing locally. For Saint Patrick's Day some groups from my school will be performing. I will not be in the show because I am too new, but here are the times.

3:00 Mother Egans 715 W 6th St
4:30 pm Fado's Patio Stage 214 W 4th st
7 pm Cover 3 2700 W Anderson Lane (For this one at the end my teacher will teach a set dance to whomever wants to participate. If I am able to come I will be up on stage learning/teaching the dance as well)

I am also looking at going to the Bluebonnet competition in Dallas April 16-17. I would need to bring the kids and so therefore would need another adult to come with me (Joel can't). It would entail driving up Friday night, staying at the hotel where the feis is, and then in the morning watching the kids/watching me dance. Then we would all go back up to the room (depending on the kids' attitudes) and then in the early afternoon we could watch the best of the best perform. Then in the evening there will be a ceilie which is a party where everyone mingles, listens to music, and dances. Then we would stay another night and then head home.

If you want to just come see me compete in Dallas that would be great too.

Anyway I appreciate everyone's support in this! I am loving dancing and you are all so encouraging.

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