Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Making Room for God

My post yesterday got me thinking about gardening and how God works.

My garden really isn't anything special. I don't spend hours fertilizing and tilling, although in the beginning we spent a lot of time getting all the grass out of the way and putting in good soil (soil! there's another rabbit trail!).

After we planted the plants or seeds, we really left the rest up to God. Occasionally we will water, especially in dry Texas summer. But our ultimate goal with plants is to let them take care of themselves.

This summer has reminded me how little I actually do and how much God does in my garden. There have been summers when I poured much more energy and spent more money on resources and got a terrible result. This year it was all rain and climate. Sure, we planned to plant at the right time, and we chose good plants for our climate. But the rest of it (and the rest is SO MUCH!) was all God.

Now let's get all spiritual and apply this to our relationships with God. I have been studying the parable of the sower and every scripture that relates to that parable has emphasized our job as caretakers but that we don't actually do any of the growing or the work related to that. We can plant and harvest but that's it.

So when we make room in our lives, clear away the "oughts" and "shoulds" that this world tells us we need to do, and clear out all the plans we have to "fix" our spouses and kids and selves, and let God work, he can make amazing things! His plan isn't a cultured lawn. He has a vision so much bigger, so full of awesome, that we cannot even dream it! We can try to plant seeds of Bible study, being with wise people, and etc, but we cannot do it on our own. It's impossible.

Our small minds can only imagine a lawn with pretty trees. But God has much much bigger plans for you. Clear away the weeds, put in some good compost of the Bible, and see what will grow.

our little minds vs God's bigness


Kimmie said...

Great post!

Emily said...

Absolutely! And Amen!!

Treehouse-Dweller said...

OMG how perfect: in my small group, we were JUST studying Isaiah 5. In it, it's God who is the gardener, who attentively builds and tends his vineyard. However, his beloved people yielded only bad fruit.

Ok, so it only relates somewhat. But who is a better caretaker than he? :)