Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Humble Pie

Don't you just love a good serving of Humble Pie?

I have been eating it every day since my wonderful delightful weekend escape with my husband.

First I had a mini ant invasion and after a little baby powder the ants were gone. You see the baby powder is too fine for the ants and it makes a barrier they won't cross. So I was very proud of myself for dealing with the pests.

Then a few of my friends were having ant problems in their houses. I was SO sympathetic towards them because "I have never had ant problems in my house in 9 years of living here. That is really crummy for you!"

Then this weekend we stayed in a lovely little cabin on the Sabinal River. The only problem was the ants. They were in the kitchen and bathroom and they were annoying. Who wants ants on their bath rug?

So I came home and was so proud. I after all have never had an ant infestation. Something is clearly wrong with these people who do have problems.

I bet you can guess what I found on my return from the cabin.


In my kitchen, which is a really annoying place to have them. And you know what? Baby powder is not helping. And today they were still here with a vengeance, when I thought they were mostly gone.

So, world, I am confessing. I was proud and snooty and thought better of myself.

I apologize. And repent. And I may have to clean out some cabinets and caulk some cracks.


Pryncss Briana said...

I have had ants, in our last home, not the one before that, and in our first home. I feel for you, I do. I wish I could give you a cure-all home rememdy, but I called the pest people for mine. =P

Pryncss Briana said...

and I just spelled remedy wrong ...

Emily said...

Doug Wilson posted this quote:"If we look into the Scriptures we shall find God never called people into the state of grace or to any notable work or function in his church without first humbling them" (Perkins, The Art of Prophesying, p. 158).

It made me laugh because it's so true. I'm eating some humble pie over here, too. At least we know God considers us as His own children, even if the discipline is uncomfortable. ;) Hope the ants go away soon!

Amy said...

I really like the quote that Emily posted. Humble pie may be bitter, but the rewards of eating it with a genuine smile are very sweet.

Kim P. said...

Yeah, I've had plenty of helpings of that myself! I know you probably don't want to use any pesticides, but there is a good one you can use outside only that creates a whole barrier around your house. You only apply it around the foundation outside and it keeps them from coming in, which is nice. Good luck!